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Do you want make extra money as student? Then use amazon selling tool to sell on amazon

Do you want make extra money as student? Then use amazon selling tool to sell on amazon.


All scenarios out there whether it’s searching for the right products or maintaining a flourishing seller account, it is advisable to learn the skillset and uphold the virtue of patience to attain the set goals.

Having the right tools to accomplish these goals will make the work required easier and also increase sales. These tools enhance the efficiency of the work being done and optimize the operation of the whole account of the seller.

These seller tools and services can range from aspects such as management of the seller’s inventory to providing solutions based on pricing and providing multi-channel selling services.

In this article, the different ways of utilizing Amazon selling tools will be discussed thus showing the importance of utilizing these tools.


Types of Amazon Selling Tools

There are different kinds of tools that provide different kinds of services but all have the same role of meeting the goals of the seller.

1.     Product Search

Product searches have an intricate role in the development of a seller’s Amazon store. The product search gives the difference between a product being just one among hundreds of similar products as it places the product in a unique space to blossom and thus get a market boom.

There are numerous product search strategies out there but the one with the best review and clout is Jungle Scout. This is a software with more than one function that helps look for products that are sold in environments with high opportunity stakes. It also provides with the eager user data containing sales of the product.

Jungle Scout has various attributes including being simple to use; it can easily be accessed by the use of a web application. It has a paid service that is paid yearly but it has a catch; it has a period of 14 days in which one is liable to be paid back if it is not the right fit. This added fact gives the user ample time to test the software and make a decision before the 14 days lapses.

2.     Keyword and Ranking

A keyword tool is a software that helps the seller understand the needs and requirements of the potential clients. In the competitive platform of e-commerce, it won’t be enough to put the products on the amazon store and wait for customers and make a purchase.

The keyword tools also efficiently give a description of the products placed by the seller, push the product to a higher ranking while following the ranking rules provided by Amazon, and assist in running of the amazon store.

The strategy used involves selecting the appropriate keywords of the product and using these keywords to improve the page ranking and organic listing of the product. The impact of this strategy is to influence the sales of the product.

Two of the most widely Keyword and ranking tools are Keyword Tool Dominator and AMZ Tracker.

Keyword Tool Dominator is specifically used for searching long worded keywords. It ranks the keywords from the first to the last in the order of popularity. As an alternative, you can also use Zonguru, which is also the best Amazon keyword research tool. Visit this page to learn everything about Zonguru.

AMZ Tracker also performs keyword ranking but has more features such as the integration of competitions’ sales tracking, management review, and page analysis.

3.     Pricing

A perfect example is the Appeagle which enables automatic repricing as well as offering an insightful analysis of the state of the administrator’s account. It also has a two-week trial basis to ensure proper operation as per the user’s needs. Also, it is not only applicable for amazon users but also users who have eBay or Walmart online store accounts.

4.     Review Monitor

This concept involves the use of software in the specialization of reviews on the product. This software is fundamental as reviews are the most important factor that every customer considers when deciding to purchase a given product.

One perfect example software is the AMZFinder which accurately matches the review of a product, whether negative or positive, to the order ID of the product purchased. It is especially needed in scenarios where the customer reviews are too much to be physically sorted.

This matching of the review to the order ID makes it easier and faster for the feedback to the customer to be finished or contact the customer and go into detail on why the product did not pan out as expected. This way the seller is kept abreast of the reviews and find means to rectify the issue or uphold the product.

5.     Deals and Coupons

A well-known way of increasing the customer traffic to your Amazon store is by using discount offers on the products. This method is especially advised to small and medium-sized businesses as they require the traffic to get more sales.

One example of coupon websites is the Slickdeals which is denoted as SD. This website has a huge traffic flow to amazon stores making it efficient and highly recommended; it thus optimizes the product listing and the improve ranking. Slickdeals is majorly used in the USA; others are Redflag used in Canada and Kakaku used in Japan.

Another method of discounting involves the use of coupon codes that are submitted on the Amazon listing thus gaining a tremendous amount of traffic. This method is mostly used in large businesses.

It is important to note that for a business to access more websites they have to partner with an Amazon Affiliate. However, sites such as Retailmenot allows for the free submission of coupons.



Amazon Selling tools can now be seen to have great importance to all kinds of business; this relates to whether it is a small to medium-sized enterprise or a large enterprise. They can be used to rank up or get reviews from customers among other functions. One common aspect is that all these software have a trial period with which the money can be sent back to the user in the case of being unsatisfied with the service.

A final remark is that the functions stated are not the only ones as there are vast uses of Amazon selling tools but these are the main uses that are highly affected by all parties involved.

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