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How To Promote Your Business With Stickers And Posters

You can advertise your business in many ways, thanks to products from Empire Promotional Products. Here are the top 10 ways to increase your brand awareness as well as boosting your sales.


  1. Brand Your Products


Do you supply generic products? Well, you can use small labels to leave your brand information or contact details. It’s an affordable way to do so without being too intrusive. For instance, if you are offering tech products, you can use stickers to leave your contact details with information on support and upgrades.


  1. Create Branded Freebies And Promo Items


Use promo gifts to make sure that customers are still aware of your brand. For instance, you can give out memory sticks and have your contact information printed on the sticker.


  1. Include Stickers With Orders


If someone orders one of your products, you should add a few stickers with the order. Whatever product you are selling, especially tech stuff, customers can use these stickers on their items thereby boosting brand awareness effectively.


  1. Give Stickers At Trade Fairs And Exhibitions


Rather than giving out business cards at trade fairs and exhibitions, you should consider stickers. They are more tactile and can be stuck on noticeboards or cubical walls. If you are giving out goodie bags or info packs, add a few stickers.


  1. Brand Your Packaging


Many companies put very little thought in their packaging. By packaging your products properly, you will create a good first impression. Take advantage of this by adding branded sticker in the boxes, tubes or envelopes for the best results.


  1. Advertise On Your Vehicle


Did you know that your company vehicle works like a moving billboard? If you commute to work every day, you can use your company vehicle for advertising purposes. You can use a subtle approach of adding a small window sticker with your company branding information and your contact information on the back windscreen.


If you want a bold look, you can go for large vinyl stickers to the sides of your vehicle, the bonnet and boot. Take advantage of our vinyl stickers for the best results.


  1. Use Your Building To Advertise


Is your business based on a busy road? Is there a lot of pedestrian traffic? Well, you can advertise your business using your building. You can use our self-cling stickers to advertise your business on your windows.


  1. Promote Special Offers With Posters


If you have promotional offers or special deals in your business, you need to draw a lot of attention to it. Do you have a bar, shop, café or business premises with a lot of walk-ins? You can print posters to show any special offers you are currently running.


  1. Advertise Your e-Bay Store


If you have an online store/e-bay, you need to advertise it online as well as offline. Use our label makers to create the best stickers with your e-bay store address. You can give your customers these stickers with every purchase.


  1. Send Promotional Posters And Stickers To Your Retailers


Do you have retailers who sell your products? You should ask them to promote your products too. Send a promo pack to your retailers with promo stickers and display posters to boost your sales effortlessly. If all your retailers are doing so, you can count on a huge return.

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