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Simple Ways to Recognize Danger And Stay Safe Online

Nowadays the internet is practically a necessity.  It’s also a lot of fun with some great ways to stay in touch with friends.  However, it also has dangers lurking in every corner.  This means, as much fun as it can be online, it’s important to take basic precautions in order to stay safe.


For example, that really nice person you are chatting with that you ‘met’ on social media may not be at all who they claim.


People can easily claim to be someone different, from their gender to their age according to the security experts at ProPrivacy.  Many adults will pretend to be teenagers in order to convince young people, especially girls into meeting them out in the real world.  This can obviously be very dangerous and some of these incidents have ended up in court in the United Kingdom.


Bullying UK, a charity organization founded to help fight bullying, has seen many instances where young girls are talked into dangerous situations but adults.  This process is something known as ‘grooming.’  It’s practically a form of brainwashing.


Simple Internet Safety Tips You Need To Follow


  1. Never share your real name.


  1. Never give out personal information such as where you go to school, your phone number or your home address.


  1. If you are going to meet someone offline, do so in a very public place and have an adult, such as a parent with you. If this other person is who they say they are they will not have a problem with this at all.


  1. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable online, be sure and let a trusted adult in your life know about it.


Important Danger Signs To Watch Out For


  1. The person you are chatting with keep asking for your address or phone number.


2.They email you inappropriate pictures that make you uncomfortable (be sure and tell an adult you trust).


  1. This person asks you to keep your conversations secret or tells you personal information that they ask you not to share with anyone.


  1. The person wants you to email them pictures that make you feel uncomfortable or use a webcam in an inappropriate way.


  1. They ask you to meet them in the real world an tell you not to tell anyone else about the meeting.


If any of these things happen, it’s really important that you tell an adult you trust.  It’s most likely that this person is lying to you about who they are and you could end up in a bad or dangerous situation if you keep this information to yourself.

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