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How to Add Zen to Your Home Decor

Here are 5 ways you can utilize Zen Decor to change your house into an appealing Zen space:


  1. Simplify Your Space

The first thing you need to do is decluttering. A Zen environment is minimalistic and very clean. Discard anything you don’t require. And Marie Kondo said you need to get rid of anything that isn’t sparking joy. When you declutter your external environment, you are decluttering your internal space also.


  1. Use Natural Colors

Think of neutrals and soft earthy tones. Painting your walls beige, white, light brown, or sage green will help in promoting a sense of internal peace.


Vibrant and flashy colors stifle the serene allure of Zen décor. You will be feeling more balanced if you surround yourself with natural colors.


  1. Utilize Soft Lighting

Bright light energizes and stimulates, which is the converse of what you want. Reduced lighting means you will be more relaxed.


Consider replacing harsh fluorescent lights with dimmed lights, for instance, having candle lights and floor lamps will enable you to have greater control over how dark or light you want the room.


For the bedroom, reading lights are preferable compared to bedside lamps because they provide more diffused light. Candle lighting works perfectly in creating a Zen environment where you’re sleeping.


  1. Bring In Elements of Nature

Bring in indoor plants! Research has proven the physical and mental advantages of being around greenery. Adding nature elements in your household can prove to be therapeutic, as it helps enhance overall wellbeing and reduce stress.


What’s more, indoor plants improve the quality of air. According to research done by NASA, it was found that golden pothos and spider plants were the most advantageous plants.


More studies done by the American Society of Horticultural Science proved the positive impacts of golden pothos, spider plant, and snake plant. The conclusion was that these plants minimized ozone concentrations in an indoor setting.


Equally, you don’t want to forget your outdoor space. Outdoor water features are the epitome of Zen decor for your garden.


  1. Enjoy Aromatherapy

Alongside promoting relaxation, there are several healing benefits when it comes to aromatherapy. Positioning aromatherapy diffusers across the house will do wonders for your general health.


How does it function? The aromatherapy essential oils activate the limbic system in your brain. The limbic system controls memory, learning, emotions, and more.


To create a Zen environment, you will want to use an essential oil like lavender. Lavender will calm the nervous system, reduce stress, lower heart rate, blood pressure, and change brain waves.

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