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Effective Marketing Tips For Building Business Brands

#1 Product Packaging


First impressions matter and brands are always judged by their product packaging. When we talk about product packaging we don’t only mean literal packaging — packaging can also refer to your menu design, logo, layout of tables, outdoor signage, etc. Something as simple as having your brand’s logo engraved on all cutlery can make a big impact on your customers.


The stirrers you place in cocktails could also be used to showcase your brand logo at popup events. People will be reminded of your bar each time they see it. You can hire professional designers, like Designhill, to help you create the most effective logo for product packaging. Such professionals can customize the logo to your requirements so it can be showcased on business cards, digital ads, marketing emails, napkins, pens, etc.


#2 Center Your USP in Everything


Perhaps your business partners or angel investors are funding your idea because they know it has a lot of potentials. The biggest potential the majority of investors look for is a UPS (Unique Selling Point). A USP can be anything from using only vegan-certified ingredients, making the best pizzas in town, offering the fastest food delivery service, accepting unique payment methods (eg. Bitcoin), etc. You should always showcase your brand’s USP on all packaging and marketing materials.


#3 Start a Blog


Any good SEO strategy begins with a blog. Ideally, the blog should be hosted on your own website. You should also ensure the blog is integrated with all other social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, so that every post gets as many eyes as possible on it. All content on the blog should be written for readers, not just search engines. If you can afford a moderation team, opening up the comments sections on posts can help to improve customer engagement.


A blog can be one of your business’s best channels of communication where you can cultivate a massive following from people interesting in your brand. A good strategy to grow your blog is to partner with popular food bloggers and influencers and ask them to submit guest posts that they will share with their own audiences.


#5 Use Email Marketing


Create an email marketing campaign and set up a monthly schedule so content sent out is relevant to the season and sufficiently spaced out. E-mailers are easy to send — all you need is an email list containing current and potential customers. Send mailers about competitions, new product offerings, discount coupons, specials events, etc. to keep the audience engaged.


#6 Embrace Social Media Marketing


Do you understand the impact of choosing the right Twitter profile header design has on your online marketing efforts? Global companies like Burger King and Starbucks are famous for being tech-savvy and relatable to today’s generation as they have a presence on all social media platforms, including Reddit, Instagram, and Foursquare.


Instagram is arguably the best platform for businesses in the Food & Beverage industry to thrive. Take a look at Proper Popcorn who have got it right. People love to click on photos of food. You can post photos of all the dishes your venue serves and encourage your customer to post reviews with photos of their meals.


#7 Host Events at your Venues


You can host seasonal or annual special day events, such as Valentine’s Day celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day parties, Mother’s Day specials, Easter Egg hunts, Christmas parties, etc. The events can be advertised both online and offline — think posters, fliers, newspaper ads, social media platforms, and more. The amount your spend on marketing will depend on the scale of the event. Hosting events is a great way to build brand awareness and get people talking about your business for all the right reasons.

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