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Top 5 image hosting sites that student can use today

The positive effect of a high-resolution image can never be overemphasized. It’s the
difference between a professionally looking website and a terrible one (website).
Unfortunately, web hosting service affords you limited luxury as far as storage space is
concerned – it also limits the number of images you can use on your online platform.
So, do you want to share some photos with the rest of the world via the internet? This is what
image hosting websites offer you the opportunity to understand the value of your collections.
Doing a little 101 on what image hosting sites are – these types of websites are specifically
designed to let you store pictures online while providing you with some other features,
including social media platforms.
Best Free Image Hosting Sites.

First on our list may sound new to you, but it definitely deserves a position on our list. What
do you get when you combine image shack and Pinterest? What you’ll get is XS.TO. It is the
perfect website for sharing your favourite images. Some of the functionalities of the site let
users vote up or vote down on different photos uploaded by other users. What seems so
interesting about this site is the premium service you get to experience without paying a

• Dropbox.
Dropbox lets users upload and save many file types, including their favourite photos. It is one
of the free image hosting sites on our lists. The cloud storage site provides you with sharable
links to different files and folders. It is quite similar to Google Photos; you’ll get automatic
backups which happen to be an essential feature you should look out for in a hosting site.

• Box.
With box, you can store design documents, photos, videos, and presentations – all with ease.
These files can be shared and stored on the box platform. It virtually lets you store all types
of files, allowing multiple users to collaborate without version – control issues. You can back
up your files and access your data from anywhere in the world.

• imageshack.us
What stands Imageshack apart stand apart is its interface. You’ll find some of the best images
on this hosting site. Open a free account, upload photos and enjoy some of the helpful
features. Imageshack offers a 30-day free trial of the premium version which lets you enjoy
unlimited access to its features, space, watermarking, image stats, direct linking.

• Imgbb.
Are you looking for a minimalist image hosting platform? It is one of the popular image hosting
websites you’ll find out there. It’s quite small looking at the storage space side of things. On
the other hand, there’s no restriction on the number of files you can upload as a user. But you
should be aware that all the pictures you upload will be reviewed before been posted on the
site by human editors

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