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The Cost of Speeding Tickets in New York

If there’s one thing New York is known for, it’s hustle and bustle. On the sidewalks, streets and everywhere else, the place is hopping. However, when behind the wheel, excessive rushing can often inadvertently lead to delays as well as unexpected costs.


When you are in a hurry, a speed limit seems like an unjust inconvenience, but such restrictions exist for a reason, and that is to keep you and everyone around you as safe as possible. Every jurisdiction has its own speed limits, and they are well-researched before they are put into effect, taking surrounding circumstances into consideration.


A speeding ticket has the ability to impact not just your bottom line, but also your ability to drive unrestricted in the future. As such, it is worth noting just how costly a speeding ticket truly is.


The Cost of New York Speeding Tickets


A first-time speeding ticket in the state tends to run anywhere between $90 and $600, depending on how much over the speed limit a driver was caught traveling. For those going fewer than 10 miles over the speed limit, a ticket will likely be between $90 and $150. Those driving between 11 and 30 miles faster than allowed may pay anywhere from $90 to $300. Those going at least 31 miles beyond the speed limit may pay upwards of $600. Subsequent tickets will bring even higher fees.


It is also worth noting that the Empire State assesses moving violation surcharges that begin at $93 for those caught on a first offense in village or town courts, and at $88 in city courts. Drivers who have racked up six or more points on within a period of 18 months and those convicted of designated types of traffic violations within a three-year span will also face a Driver Assessment Fee.


Licensing Points


Speeding tickets result not just in costly fines, but they also yield driver’s license points for each and every violation. Drivers who were clocked a mere 10 miles per hour over the speed limit can still receive three license points. As the rate of excess speed increases, so does the potential point accumulation. Anyone caught going over 41 miles per hour in excess of posted limits can receive a staggering 11 points.


There are, however, methods of tackling this potential dilemma and protecting your ability to keep driving. Enrolling in IMPROV New York Driving School can eliminate four license points, something which can make all the difference for affected drivers.


Additional Dangers of Speeding


While it does not happen terribly often, judges have the power to impose upwards of 30 days in jail for those caught speeding in the state. A single violation of a serious nature can bring about license suspension or even revocation. A history of tickets and penalties can also increase auto insurance costs tremendously. Defensive driving courses, however, can result in a policy discount of 10% for those who successfully complete them.


Some of the other downsides to exceeding the speed limit include the fact that abrupt braking and acceleration that tends to go along with speeding harms fuel economy and takes a negative toll on the environment. Also, excess speed raises the chances of involvement in a serious injury or fatal car accident.


Clearly, the risks and potential costs brought about by speeding are significant indeed and should be contemplated seriously whenever you find yourself in a rush and ready to throw caution to the wind.            

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