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How to develop an app and get it on Google Play Store

In this post you are going to learn how to turn your great idea into a mobile app and then get it listed on Google Play Store.


You may want to develop a mobile app for different reasons.


Maybe you have a revolutionary idea for a project management app. Maybe you want to create a social networking app that gets people the best possible deals from online retail stores. Maybe you want to build a better Duolingo that covers all your regional languages.


Whatever the reason may be. You know that your mobile app idea is unique and it is completely going to transform the way people accomplish a particular task.


So, how do you go about it?


Building a mobile app is not a hobby project. It is not something like one day you sit in front of your computer, start coding and by evening,you have a mobile app that you can get listed on Google play store and by the next day, thousands of users are going to download it and you’re going to have a crazy following.


Of course, if it is a hobby project, you can have a go at it. But, if you want your mobile app to be purposeful and a commercial success, there is an elaborate procedure that you must follow to develop a successful mobile app.


Listed below are some steps that you can take to build a mobile app successfully.


Write down the “Why” of your mobile app and list down the features


Every mobile app must solve a purpose. Why do you want to have that mobile phone app? What purpose is it going to solve? Why should people download and install it? How is it going to make their lives easier, more meaningful and more productive?


Knowing your “why” is extremely important. This will give you clarity. This will give you motivation. This will also enable you to target the right consumers.


Then make a list of features. Making a list of features will solve many purposes. It will help you know why your app stands out in case there are similar apps already there in the app stores. You will be convincingly able to sell the USP of your mobile app.


Making a list of features will also help you decide which technologies to use to build your mobile app and how to choose a mobile app company in case you need to work with one.


Do proper research on your mobile app development idea


In 2017 there were roughly 178 billion mobile app downloads and this number is projected to increase to 258 billion by 2022 [source]. It is often claimed that for every idea there is a mobile app.


Hence, do some research about your mobile app development idea. Make sure that the exact version doesn’t already exist. Spend some time on different app stores.


You don’t need to feel disheartened if you find out that many companies and mobile app developers have already built mobile apps around your idea. There must be some uniqueness that you can offer.


This is where the feature list mentioned above will help you. You can compare the features that you have listed for your own mobile app with the features of the mobile apps that are already present. If you feel that your features a unique and will compel users to download your app, then you decide to go ahead.


Analyze the market


How much do you think will be the demand for your mobile app? Is it a revolutionary idea for which you will need to raise awareness, or people are already looking for solutions to an existing problem, for example, a better and intuitive to-do list that they can combine with Google Calendar?


You can work with a mobile app development and mobile marketing company like DCI that has massive experience researching and analyzing mobile app markets and providing both qualitative and quantitative data to companies. The analysis will let you realize the true potential of your mobile app.


Decide on the revenue model


You want to make money from your mobile app, right? The development of your mobile app will proceed according to your revenue model. The revenue models that you can use in your mobile app include


  • Monthly subscription fee.
  • In-app purchases.
  • In-app advertisements.
  • E-commerce.
  • Data gathering and research.


Most of the mobile app companies decide to adopt a freemium model in which they allow the users to download and install a functional version of their mobile app but if they are looking for more advanced features, they need to upgrade by paying.


Decide to partner with a competent mobile app development company


That is, if you’re not building the mobile app in-house, or on your own (in case you are a programmer).


Choose your app development company carefully. What are you looking for? A complete package that includes development and Google Play Store listing as well as Apple’s App Store listing? If you want to cover multiple operating systems, you may have to look for Android and iOS app development agencies. There are some exclusive iOS app development companies and Android app development services.


A competent mobile app development company will help you decide what direction to follow and which technologies to use.


They will also prepare a wireframe and a prototype so that you can get a real sense of how your mobile app is going to shape up once they are done developing it?


Closely work with your mobile app development company


When you partner with the mobile app development agency it doesn’t mean you assign them the task and then you never follow up until the app has been built. Since it is your idea, you must closely work with the development team. At every juncture they will update you.


A competent and experienced mobile app development agency like DCI that has worked on several international assignments will also help you decide what technologies to use to maximize the potential and user experience. They can also let you know whether you can have a single mobile app for iOS as well as Android (a web-based app) or you need dedicated mobile apps for these environments (native mobile apps).


Closely follow the development and make sure that all the features and attributes that you have envisaged in your mobile app idea are present or are being incorporated. You can also give them live feedback but don’t overwhelm them. Sometimes, a lot of interference can be counter-productive and may end up jeopardizing the entire project. Only contribute constructively.


Deploying the app on the Google Play Store


The process is more or less the same for Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store so we are right now just focusing on how to get your app on the Google Play Store. The process can be tricky so it is better to work with your mobile app development company to get your app included under the right category and also get approved by Google.


The mobile app development company can help you carry out the following processes to get your app included in the Google Play Store:


Testing your mobile app and making sure that all the bugs have been fixed.


Gathering all the APK files at one place to get an idea of the maximum size limit and APK version requirements for the Play Console.


All the details about your mobile app. If you want to include images and screenshots that will also need to be uploaded. You can also decide the language of your mobile app.


The name of your mobile app and its description are very important because they’re going to have an impact on how easily people can find your mobile app using the search function.


Then, you need to list your app under the right category. Choosing the wrong category can lose you thousands of users.


After you have accepted their privacy policy you can submit your app for review. Once it is reviewed, either further changes will be advised by the reviewing team or your app listing will become active on Google Play Store and users will be able to download and install the mobile app.


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