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Why starting a blog in college is a great idea

During your college years, you live through amazing experiences , learn new things, and make friends for life. Almost every day is an adventure, and that is the reason why you should start a blog.

In a few years you will be a successful professional in your field, ready to change the world for the better. Wouldn’t it be great if people knew every step you took in your college years? People love to know the journey of a successful person. Remember, Steve Jobs once said: “the journey is the reward”.


Maybe you’re saying: “starting a blog is just a waste of time, nobody will read it.” It is ok if you think that way, but let me ask you this: what do you do when you need information? You Google your questions and read, and then you go to YouTube. Trust me, people still read blogs.


Why should you start a blog?


With a blog, you can document your journey through college or you can write about your passion, or something that you know and can do better than anybody else.


If you know how to do something that other people want to learn, you don´t know it yet but you have an audience eager to learn from you.


So if you start a blog right now, by the end of your college years you will have an audience waiting to buy your product, your services, or maybe you can live off the profits of your blog.


There are successful bloggers who started their blogs when they were college students and now they can live as full-time bloggers because of their audience.


Everyone has an audience


In this time of social media, everyone has an audience. Yes, that is true. If you have an Instagram account or a Twitter account and you have followers, you have an audience.


What you need to grow your audience is good and unique content. Right now we are living in the years of the video apps and growing an audience is now easier than before.


You can have a blog and with the help, for example, of an Instagram account you can start creating an audience for your blog.


Let me tell you this again, creating an audience with the help of social media is now easier than before.





How to start a blog?


If you want to start a blog, you need to know how to start a blog. It is simple, but you need to follow proper steps.


First, you need to select the topic of your blog. My recommendation is to write about your passion. If you write about your passion, it will be easy for you to write because you will write with a smile on your face, or, like I said before, you can write about your college years.


Second, you need to know your audience. This is very important because knowing the characteristics of the people you want to write to will make it easier for you to connect with them, and your goal is to achieve a meaningful connection with your audience.


Third, another important thing. Pick the domain name of your blog. It must be an easy to remember domain name.


Fourth, the hosting for your blog. Ok, I know that if you blog on Medium, you can have your blog for free, but it is better that you own your hosting; you will have more freedom if you own your hosting.


Finally, the theme of your blog. The theme has to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. There are good themes for free and for almost every niche. This won’t be a problem for you.


Just let me tell you this. You are living your golden years and the time is perfect for you to start creating your audience. A social media account, and above all, owning a blog will help you with that.


So, what are you waiting for? Start writing your blog.


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