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How College Students Can Make Extra Bucks With Rideshare While On Campus

While on campus, there are many ways  a student can earn extra income to help him financially. One of the most beneficial of them is getting involved in rideshare business with rideshare companies like Lyft, Uber or Sidecar rideshare companies. In order for a student to make decent income from rideshare business, he or she must;



1.Decide if this is something  he or she wants to pursue full-time, part-time, or just in spare time. Plan accordingly  will help the student make the money he or she desires.


  1. The students earns more money when he learns the best times to drive either in the community/city. These include knowing when the bars close down, when the public transportation start/end to the airport for the early and late arrivals, in order to get more riders. The need to be smart about pickups if he really wants to make real money from  it.  If the student is taking someone to the airport, he should stick around the airport to take someone back to town.


  1. The student also benefits from rideshare tipping, for example Lyft allows tipping to be added via a rider’s app payment or in cash. Tipping is not obligatory with the ridesharing service, but unlike with Uber, it can be added in a cashless way, providing an easier (and more likely!) tipping experience when the student wows his riders!


  1. The student also earns more when he takes advantage of the variety of promos and referral codes when he is starting out because it can give him a good bump of a couple of hundred dollars. The student can get a referral code from a fellow Lyft driver, so check with his friends, coworkers, or a driver he likes to also give someone a bump as well.


  1. Another way the student benefits is by making sure to drive when it is hottest. If he wants to make money driving for Lyft, he can’t look at it as a 9-5 job instead look out for hottest times to get more riders and make more money like weekend nights after a big ball game, the bars are closing, etc., these are the times to make the best money with Lyft. Also any holiday where alcohol plays a central role (such as New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day), are good times to hit the roads.


  1. With rideshare a student can have to study and at thesame time make money on the roads as a driver. For instance, Lyft gives drivers ultimate control and flexibility over their schedule. And time is money!


  1. Think beyond the road. A student can double its earnings by adverting his or her other services while driving the riders. Driving isn’t the only way the student can make money. Use the time with passengers to mentor new drivers and to network. For example, if the student is a graphic designer or an editor, he can network with his passengers to gain business in more areas than just driving. Or consider delivery services or ads on his car. There are more opportunities to make money with rideshare than the student can realize.

Top Four Reasons College Student Shouldn’t drive Cars To College

Sometimes you feel it will be a lot better if you could ride to college with your personal car, but unfortunately, bringing a car to college can cause just as many problems as it solves. While some of the implications are of the practical variety, other potential issues are financial in nature. For these reasons, most colleges and schools prohibit students from bringing their cars to college after considering these facts below;

1: Students taking cars to college consumes a lot of parking space

If a student is living on campus, she might be in for a rude awakening if she brings her car to school. That’s because many colleges and universities discourage it, and create rules and requirements that limit car use.
Another common fact is by schools banning on-campus parking or limiting parking to a large lot that is fairly far away. So, each time the student wants to use the car, she has to catch a ride – or hoof it – to her designated parking space. In addition, college campuses were created for pedestrians and not automobile traffic. As such, there may not be many parking spots on campus, either – aside from those designated for staff.
However, if a college student brings her car and parks it in the student lot, it may not be easy for her to drive it that often anyway.

2.: Students Bringing Cars to College can be a huge distraction.

A lot of students on campus may think getting away from campus is a good idea, but most of them don’t know that it might be the opposite of what they actually need. When first getting used to college life, having the option to leave any time can work against a student’s long-term goals.
When a student brings a car, he or she can go out at night, drive a few towns away to see a friend, or drive into the big city every weekend. But when the student is stuck on campus, he or she doesn’t have as many options. As a result, the student might spend more time studying and getting to know more people on campus – you know, the things the student came to college to do in the first place.
Additionally, having a car on campus might pull the student away from school more often than not, and as a new student, that’s hardly a good thing. If a student wants to focus on his studies and future, he or she will often be better off if the student doesn’t have the option to leave.

3: Taking a car to college will Drain The Student’s Pocket

Maintaining a car on campus requires money which the student doesn’t have.
If the student living on a college campus, it’s safe to say “I am racking up a pretty hefty bill’. But when a student brings a car along for the ride, he or she could end up even worse off financially.
Not only will the student need to pay for long-term parking if the school charges, but the student will track up small parking charges as he or she takes the car from place to place. Add onto that the costs of gas, more frequent oil changes, and more wear and tear, and the total could end up several hundred dollars in the hole every month.

The Best Solution Is To Go For Rideshare Services Like Uber Or Lyft.

In order to help students solve the issues of having a car on campus, the best solution is to turn to rideshare services that they can afford conveniently without having to trouble over parking space issues or car maintenance costs. With the Rideshare app for example Uber rideshare app, the student car easily take a ride to any location he or she wants just by a cluck in the button in his or her mobile phone. Such services by Uber like Uber X, Uber Taxi and Uber pool, are affordable Uber rides students can take without draining their pockets while staying focused on their studies on campus.

Also, Student can use lyft promo code get few dollars off first ride. Student can use the code TEST20 to get up to 20 dollars off.

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